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A list of electronic devices

There is a list of electronic devices which are very cheap but they are really valuable for general electronic purposes.


ULN2001/2002/2003/2004 A :

This ICs includes the seven darlingtons BJT transistors. Its absolute maximum ratings are

Symbol Parameter Value Unit
Vo Output Voltage 50 V
Vin Input Voltage (for ULN2002A/D – 2003A/D – 2004A/D) 30 V
Ic Continuous Collector Current 500 mA
Ib Continuous Base Current 25 mA
Tamb Operating Ambient Temperature Range – 20 to 85 °C
Tstg Storage Temperature Range – 55 to 150 °C
Tj Junction Temperature 150 °C

So we can use them to drive small Stepper motors.



It is an adjustable voltage regulator with adjustable output current limitation. This IC is one of best choices for designing protected  power supplies and charging circuit for batteries especially for  sealed-lead-acid batteries.


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